Photography today in this digital age has so much new amazing software to create fine art photography. I know it’s not for everybody but is starting to explode in the fast lane. Everyone is a photographer today with the smart phones capturing and posting millions of pictures everywhere. So you need a new niche to stand above the rest.

I love the  Topaz Complete Collection   they  offer a whole suite of 17 amazing products to transform your photography into something beyond your wildest imagination. Free trials

Topaz labs products are super fast. This is a whole different ball game. You have to think out of the box when making a new art form from your beautiful photograph that looks great just as you took it. Now take that photograph and run it through any of these programs and what what happens. It is mind blowing what you can wind up with.

Making abstract photos is starting to become my favorite creation. You take an ordinary photo and keep running it through the software using different presets and then adjusting them. The big problem is when to stop and say ok that’s a winner.  When I first started making fine art photography I was like calling my artist wife in to look what I was creating on my new iMac 27″.  She was like wow that’s cool and on and on. She has been using a lot more of my creations to paint her own versions in Pastel.